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Anyone know who those people are that hang in the mayor's corner drinking bear and smoking crack? Went there to look at decorations about a week before Christmas and one of the creeps said "Get Out".

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What do they look like?

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The guy that said "Get Out" was bald about 6'1" about 250+lbs., saw him two other times wearing a black jacket and blue hat with a black backpack, I've left the area since then, I was visiting relatives at the time.

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Might be a party down in the Mayor's Corner today after dusk.

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Waiting to see is there's a party down in the Mayor's Corner today after dusk.

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Stacey Gilkersmon do you think it's right hacking computers like your mother hacker hazel.. you all wouldn't like if people done u all that way.. black stevie jai is bad also at hacking computers him and orphan Annie were meant for each other. How would you like if someone through stuff at your door like you did mine.

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I would like everyone put out around that is plot to woman in huntigton wv. The family is tring to put away cause the cousin threaten kill her and brother. The poor girl told pathway and they wouldn't turn it the police. They even tampered with evidence to this poor woman away. The reason pathway never turned it is because they wanted a suspect for eastern state. They wanted the judge say there nothing else but to her away. The girl was given no legal advice to any lawyer she made plead quilt. They made her plead so they could come back and put her away. The judge gave her record cause she was telling on he acted. It seems like alright to lie on people hand to put away. One the theapist at prestra smart off told the girl. see how you could have lied. The family liked her cause she was sighting with in them how the girl could have lied. The theapist left prestra over how she acted.
The family to took the poor girl for delusional lies her dad told to try to her away. The sheriff told the girl that would have to Crystal ball to everything to be. they blamed her for the lies cause they would not do much to her mom over her age. They would put the poor girl in a group home. People has smart off is she mmrd. No. The girl mother was wanting justice. Over cousin threaten kill.
The family tells everyone how she lies on people to get there way putting her away.
People needs to stand up tell everyone they are lying to put this girl and you cant believe a word they tell.
The girl told co. Attoney sec. How he was telling big tells on people it to be big out him.
The judge told that she was telling the truth on july 3 2019. So no could ever recourse in putting her away. They have told she had tendency to lie on people. The cousin goes this problems he takes people to get trouble.
This plot has been planned for years cause the grandmother would tell people when she young girl. The grandmother told voc. Reh a bunch to knock her life. They are lying the girl that mean to put her in group home or instution. They ruin the girl background so bad. She got a job at 50. They tell everyone how the girl tells big tells to put her away. Dont believe a word they have the truth. all the lies is just a plot to run. Her crazy. Social workers has told people to push it. When a family told her how she lied. The social worker was only told twisted lies reversion of the story. She needed to tell her mom needed to whatever it took to him away. They want to talk what the girl did to her cousin instead they need to how he threaten kill them he knew he would completely ruined in life. The girl was told it was hand down no dating if fuss i will have arrested and taken eastern state. Peopke needs to stand up the girl family she does how tell the truth. it. Just transgressions to put her away and people needs to help stop it.
The judge made her sale off belongings.
The poor girl is basically homeless.
The family has just picked for two years to her. Away. tell emt not respond when their something a mental patients at residents. the girl see someone do anything they tell everyone she mental. The cant break off in people she never lied. The judge Will not let the girl drive because he dont want her better life. He wants her lined for a group home. He will not let her drive because not her getting a better job.
Mental health is corrupt to put people away. They legal way to steal your property. Kdmc behavior unit is corrupt cause they two worked at pathway in grayson. the two are hard heads. One put the girl in the behavior for a job.
The nurse was good friend with uncle who son cause all the problem. Help the girl get this spread to everyone to save her life from eastern state or group home. It not fair this poor to false inprisonment over he acted. They not want to talk how stupid is. People needs her family this wrong and the judg3

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